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Please use the feedback form to ask a question or submit an answer for consideration in the "Search Engine FAQ". You are welcome to browse through the seo forum if you need further help and want an answer immediately.

The following FAQ refers to the tools on T25 (this site).

I may add more SEO-related questions and answers in the future; for the time being, please direct all general SEO-related questions to the Organic SEO Wiki.

Improve Your Ranking

Can anyone recommend some good affiliate programs?

Google Adsense is a good place to start for newbies...also Yahoo has a competing product that has virtually identical ad units to what Google offers.

There are also some other affiliate programs out there which can help convert your traffic to dollars, euros, or rupies. Some of the more aggressive ads are contextual popups, like IntelliTxt and Kontera.

How come it takes so long for Google to assign a high pagerank value?

Pagerank assignment can easily take 6 months or more before your site gets a good PR assigned (typically PR4 or higher) it's a measurement of past performance and new domains will likely have no history with the search engine.

Google Placement

Why does my placement keep jumping around from #5 to #8...and sometimes not on the first page at all?

There are many reasons for this, typically (and historically) when Google was on the verge and in the process of updating their data centers, not all data center servers were updated at the same time, resulting in different databases returning different rankings.

Of course that is not always the case, a drop in ranking should be an eye opening. Keep an eye on your ranking positions for the next few weeks to see where you finally land.

Google PageRank Report

What is Google PageRank?

Enter a list of URLs (use 'www' for best results). The results will have the Google PageRank value, a number between 1 and 10 for each url (ie - 6/10). This means has a Google PageRank of "6" out of a possible "10".

How do I use the Google PageRank Report?

Google PageRank, also referred to simply as "PR", is the number between 0 and 10 that Google assigns a url. The PageRank value is based on the number of incoming relevant links you have to your site, which have a Google PageRank value of 4 or higher (PR4+). They may take other links into account in their algorithm, but those that are relevant and have a PR4+ are the going to help you the most.

It is a general consensus that the higher your Google PageRank, the easier it is to get into the top results in Google. Also of note, it is increasingly more difficult to jump up a point in PageRank value than it was from the last jump. For example, it's fairly easy to get a PageRank 4 with a few links, but a PageRank 5 requires many more links. A PageRank 6 requires hundreds of links, and so forth.

How do I improve my Google PageRank?

For starters, you need to have a few links from other relevant sites with a Google PageRank of 4 or higher to really make a difference. The more links you have the better. The best way is to search for sites in Google that are considered related or your competitors, and then find out which sites are linking to those "competitor" sites. Search for "" in Google - this will return a list of sites linking to your competitor. Then you can taylor an email to the webmaster of that site, asking them if they'd be interested in linking to your site as well. This is time consuming, but really the only way to get links, unless people naturally link to your site because they like it.

For more information, read the Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization article in the blog (it's about half way down on the page). Also, you can post a question in the search engine optimization forums.

DNS/IP Lookup

Why do I want to know the DNS/IP of a domain name?

Occasionally you may want to know what other domains are associated with a web site or domain name, as well as looking up a specific ip number (or range of numbers) for a given domain name.

How do I use the DNS/IP Lookup Tool?

To lookup DNS or IP Number, enter the domains you want to check. You must put only one domain per line.

How do I perform a reverse DNS lookup?

Enter a list of IP numbers instead of domain names, and the results will attempt to perform a reverse DNS lookup, showing you all associated domain names with a given IP number.

Ranking Report

How do I get API keys for the MSN, Yahoo!, and Google search engines?

For the ranking report tool, you will need your own API keys for MSN, Yahoo!, and Google search APIs. You can find them at their respective links.

How come my results are different here, compared to when I do my search on

Google has 7 data centers all together. These are different machines, which are most likely serving requests in a redundant environment. This means when you do a search on, you may not always be accessing the same data center. Also, we've noticed that when Google is in the process of indexing web sites, results can be very different on each request.

Why can't I get results for,,, and

The old ranking report included AltaVista and Inktomi databases, however on the recent rewrite of the application, which has increased speed and fixed many bugs, I decided to drop those search engines, and focus on Google. I had added Yahoo! for awhile, but their servers are blocking repetitive requests from the same ip. Haven't figured out a work around for this yet.

How do I use the Google Ranking Report Tool?

It's really easy once you understand what you can do with this tool. First, you need to have a domain in mind, one in which you would want to find out what it's ranking is in Google based on a particular search (your "search phrase"). Secondly, of course, is coming up with your "search phrase". For example, you could find the number of times that (your domain) comes up in Google for the search phrase "news"!

Why do the results take so long to show up?

The higher you set your "Max Results" (the limit of how deep you want to go), the longer it takes to query all the search engines. If you set the "max" limit to 500, expect to wait about 5 seconds. If you use a lower "max" setting, your results will be returned faster. A setting of "max" equal to 1000 takes about 15 seconds for each phrase, depending on network connectivity.

Will using the Ranking Report penalize my rankings at all?

The short answer: No, using our tools won't penalize your rankings. However, What will hurt your ranking is if you use an unauthorized automated query tool from your own server, the same one on which your web site is hosted. Google may derank an IP number if they think it's doing automated queries. On this site, all requests come from the T25 server, and it is using the Google API which was recently made available by Google.

I don't see my domain anywhere for my search phrase, what should I do?

The first thing you need to do is try to target a more narrow keyword search. Instead of 1-word searches, try a 3 or 4 keyword search like "live news update hourly" for (taking our earlier example) instead of "news" as the search phrase. Secondly, you need to work on your SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimization). Post a message in our seo forums for assistance.

Link Popularity Report

How do I use the Link Popularity Report?

Enter a domain name or URL (use 'www' for best results) and select the engines you are interested in. The results will tell you how many incoming reciprocal links you have to your web site.

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