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SEO Friendly Directories

"SEO friendly" directories can be instrumental in achieving high rankings in the search engines. SEO Friendly directories are for you, the SEO professional or entrepreneur looking for quality directories to submit your web sites to. Below is our list of recommended paid, reciprocal, and link directories.

We look at each directory and make sure they are quality paid, free with reciprocal, or free directories. Our main focus is encouraging those with legitate sites and seo customers to support directories that are maintained by responsive owners, ethical owners.

"SEO Friendly" Directory List
# Name Category Submit Recip Free Rate
1 SEO Directory Marketing submit Y Y Y dc td
2 SEO Links Marketing submit Y Y Y dc td
3 IAG Link Directory General submit Y Y - dc td
4 Shopping Directory Shopping submit Y Y - dc
5 Consumer Electronics Directory Electronics submit Y Y - dc
6 Groovy Banana General submit Y Y - -
7 General Directory General submit Y Y Y -
8 LovelyURLS Link Directory General submit Y Y Y -
9 Link Directory General submit Y Y Y -
10 Premium Directory General submit Y Y Y -
11 PHP Links PHP submit Y Y Y -
12 Trucking Links Trucking submit Y Y Y -
For inclusion on this list, please contact us directly - $34.95/year to list your directory and increase sales.
submitted = it appears you have submitted to this directory already

Getting Your Link Approved

Paid directories will help ensure your site is listed for the lifetime of the directory. Many have been around for several years and garner higher one-time fees, or low monthly rates for maintaing a link. On the flip side, other paid directories are new to the scene and looking for quality links but offering reasonable rates for one-time links. Depending on your goals and budget, both can pay off in the long or short run if you decide to purchase a link.

Reciprocal link directories can be an inexpensive way to build traffic to your site, without paying large submission fees at paid and premium directories. Typically, reciprocal links are often allowed to get a free link as long as they maintain a return (or reciprocal) link back to the originating directory.

Free directories are often how directory owners start out, in an effort to gain some market share, and draw attention to their directory. Although many remain free and are ad-supported, often times prices are introduced or raised to cut down on the spam, and encourage serious submissions only. Whenever new directories offer free links, is a great time to submit. The potential of getting free backlinks as the directory grows in strength can be worth the effort of submitting your sites to these brand new under valued directories.

Picking an Appropriate Category

Nothing is more frustrating than rejecting a good site because it was mis-categorized. Often times if the site is good I will move it to the appropriate category as favor to the owner. However, it requires very little time to simply reject a site, and choosing an incorrect category can often result in a permanent ban of the site and possibly an IP.

Many free directory submissions operate on the terms that you may not submit to what is considered a "Top-Level" directory. These categories are reserved for paid or featured link listings and directory owners try to keep them reserved for those clients.

An example of submitting to a "top-level category" would be submitting your "Trucking" directory to the top-most category for "Web Directories". Unless you've paid for a feature listing along with that request, chances are it will be rejected. The most appropriate category, all things considered would be "Web Directories :: Niche :: Trucking". Don't assume you belong where you want to be unless you're willing to pay for it. There is a lot of competition and those that mass-submit to top-level directories most certainly deserve to be banned from the site.

When a relevant directory isn't obvious, take a few extra seconds to start from the top and drill down into the site's categories. It may be the difference between acceptance and rejection, and is worth the extra amount of time to "hand pick" the category vs. automated category selection tools that use sub-string matching when the first choice is not found.

Writing a Winning Description

The most common reason directory owners reject links is simply because it looks like need to keep in mind the old adage: If it looks like spam, and smells like spam... — Trust me, as a directory owner, you are not fooling anyone.

If you spend a few minutes, and come up with a properly worded title and description, you will have a much higher success rate. Avoid looking like a spammer: always "Camel Case" your titles (aka "First Upper"), and use proper casing in your description instead of all lowercase. If every word is in UPPERCASE, it will certainly get rejected (if it doesn't then you probably shouldn't be after a link from that site anyway).

Directory owners are also tipped off to the lazyness of the submitter when the submission request has only a list of comma-separated keywords in the title and/or description (I've seen both on more than a few occassions and simply hit "reject" without giving it a second thought — I also ban these IPs).

When submitting your URL to a directory, be sure to read the appropriate guidelines posted on the submission page (if there isn't any, be courteous and use common sense). In many cases, you are asking people to do you a favor by linking to your site, the less of a hassle it is for the directory owner to approve your site, the higher your chances of approval are. I typically waste little time re-categorizing or changing "UPPERCASE TITLES" to "Mixed Case Titles".

Many directory owners will not accept links from certain topics (ie - Adult, Gambling & Casino, Drug & Pharmacy, etc). If you are clearly violating the rules, or submitting to a totally un-related category, you will be waisting everybody's time (including your own).

Avoid submitting the same web site multiple times without hearing anything back. When submitting for my clients, I typically wait around 3-4 months before I re-submit a site...and always correct the problem if a reason was given and only then do I re-submit.

Avoid deep linking to the same web site over and over again. Too many links to the same place and your site looses credibility. I see this and simply reject all related submissions, banning the entire domain and IP number for recurring problematic "spammy" submitters.

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