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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Help Fight Spam

The problem of spam isn't going to go away anytime soon, unless we start corrupting their databases!

Fight Spam: Add this code to your site:

<a href=""><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0"></a>

with reference:
<a href="">Fight Spam</a>

What this code will do is lead all those spam bots which crawl your site harvesting email addresses into my honey pot. Once they are there, they will get stuck in a circular reference and eventually contaminate their entire database, making the entire lot useless.

All you have to do is put an invisible link (see above) in your html code, and I'll take care of the rest.

Thanks to Ian for writing the software to accomplish this. Feel free to install it on your server, the more honey pots the better!

- posted by motiv8x @ 1:55 AM :: 23 comments
Saturday, May 21, 2005

Oakland Athletics Baseball Forum

I've started a new forum dedicated to the Oakland A's Fans. Anyone is welcome to post, even better if you're an A's fan!

A's took one off the Giants tonight in Game 1 of a 3 Game series, score 8-4!

- posted by motiv8x @ 1:53 AM :: 26 comments
Monday, April 18, 2005

New Project: SEO Wiki

For those of you haven't already noticed, there's a new SEO Wiki project underway. It can be found at

A wiki is simply a software application running on a web site, which lets users edit the content of a web site. Learn more about wikis.

Anyone with experience and knowledge in SEO is welcome and encouraged to edit the pages as they see fit!

- posted by motiv8x @ 4:07 PM :: 55 comments
Wednesday, March 09, 2005

DOCTYPE, To Use or Not to Use?

Well, I have to correct myself, doctype DOES matter.

I spent two days trying to debug a fancy little css driven menu, it looked messed up between IE and FireFox. Finally, after removing line by line from the example. I realized, the example I was working off of had a doctype of html 4.01 transitional, and mine had none.

This puts IE into what is commonly called "quirks mode" where it doesn't render the page in CSS2 and HTML 4.01, it reverts back to the older versions, which had alignment and padding issues in IE.

After adding the doctype correctly, my page worked fine in all browsers, IE, FireFox, Safari, Opera, and Lynx.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">

with doctype


without doctype

Check 'em both out in IE (Internet Exploder...uhmmm...I mean "Explorer").

The only question is do you use HTML or XHTML, and do you use Transitional or Strict validation.

The difference being xhtml you have to close all your tags like <br/>

and strict vs. transitional means it will validate with deprecated tags (I choose Transitional for my company's site, since there are a lot of people working on the site, and most likely there are lots of deprecated tags being used.

Ideally, I would've chosen xhtml strict if I was designing it all myself.

List of valid doctypes from W3C.

- posted by motiv8x @ 10:02 AM :: 7 comments
Thursday, March 03, 2005

Yahoo API Released

Yahoo just release an API, similar to Google's API. With a 50 query limit, instead of Google's 10 query limit. Also, they include other areas of search, like images, local, weather, etc. Whereas Google only offers web.


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Wednesday, November 10, 2004 Craigslist All City Search Updated

I spent about 2 hours tonight adding some more functionality to my Craigslist All City Search tool.

You can now search both Jobs and Sale/Wanted categories for all cities, which is about twice the number of cities I originally had in the arsenal.

Pass the word around! Let your friends know, especially those looking for work, this tool is a HUGE time saver in searching for telecommute positions.

Thanks to those few who emailed me with suggestions, they have now been implemented.

Updated: Last night I spent 6 hours on the javascript pulldown menu which shows/hides the options associated with each search.

Check it out at

- posted by motiv8x @ 8:34 PM :: 1 comments

New Tool: DNS Server/IP Domain Pings

Tonight I added a new tool DNS/IP Ping to the suite of SEO Tools available at Top25Web.

This little tool lets you enter in a list of URLs (seperated by a line), and will query both the IP number the domain is hosted on, or it's DNS server.

I found it useful quite a lot when I was managing a web server with over 1,000 domains on it. Hopefully you too will find it useful.

If for no other reason, it can be useful in tracking down where a site is hosted, especially in the case of fighting spam.


- posted by motiv8x @ 8:15 PM :: 2 comments
Thursday, October 14, 2004

Adwords: A Review 0/10

Hi All,

I know it's been a LONG time since I last posted, if anyone still checks this blog, I apologize for my staleness.

I decided to review my recent experience with AdWords, Google's advertising program. I decided to advertise my World Political Forum and set a budget of $3/day.

Keep in mind that it costs $5 to setup a campaign. So I happily used the Overture Suggestion tool to choose some keywords to buy. I originally had set my maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) at .10 cents (the minimum).

After about 2 days, my campaign was "slowed" which meant that I had to re-evaluate my words because they weren't performing very well. Keep in mind, that after your account gets slowed 3 times, you have to pay another $5 to restart it. I found this troublesome, as it was slowed twice in the first 2 days. I eventually learned you can just delete a poorly performing word, and you wouldn't have to restart it. So far, I don't think I ever paid the extra $5.

It took awhile for me to even reach my limit of $3/day. I later increased it to .15 CPC, and then I started hitting my $3 limit no problem. I was averaging about 20 clickthrus per day, and my membership started to grow. After about a month I "paused" my campaign to see if my membership was increasing because of my AdWords campaign, or because of natural ranking in Google searches. Turns out the latter was true. I still experienced the same daily growth rate of 7-10 new members, without the campaign.

My overall experience was pretty bad with Google Adwords, unless you can generate those clickthrus into $$$, it's not worth doing. As I do not make anything except Google Adsense on my forum, it wasn't worth the $3/day. I've read others who have experienced the same, only they spent thousands of dollars and generated virtually zero money from the campaign.

It was fun to try, and to learn how AdWords works, but I don't recommend it. I give a 0/10 ranking ;-)

- posted by motiv8x @ 8:50 PM :: 33 comments